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Vino Bianco SAN Bianc

In Piedmont dialect, SAN means "healthy" or "safe" referred to food. In English it recalls the sound of the word "sun", the main element to make the grapes healthy and ripe.

Vino Bianco SAN Bianc
La scheda tecnica di Carlo.jpeg

Carlo's Technical Sheet

Colour: golden yellow with bright amber shades
Bouquet: intense and complex, with hints of honey, dried apricot, candied citrus. A charming mineral note comes to light in the end.

Taste: the sip is fresh, sapid, long-lasting. The delicate tannic sensation gives it roundness and makes it enveloping 

Pairing: recommended with blue cheese, white meat, vegetarian first dishes or smoked fish 
Serving temperature:   10 – 12° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

The colour calls to mind a Summer sunset; the bouquet recalls far, exotic, Arabian nights. 

It's the perfect match between balance and minerality; the right mixture among honey, apricot, and gentle acidity. 

You can fall into that copper and bright shade: it's something magic, between dream and reality. 

All around, you can just hear the sound of cicadas; the day leavess the space to the nightfall.


A gentle breeze moves the leaves in the vineyards and brings scents of resin, soil and sun, when August time is ready to leave the floor to the soft warmth of Autumn. 


Technical Information

Environmental label

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