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Barbera d'Alba Superiore DOC NID

In Piedmont dialect NID means the birds nest, but also refers to a cozy, protected and soft place. In English the same sound refers to the word "need", meaning a necessity, a requirement, a strong desire. 

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Carlo's Technical Sheet

Variety: Barbera
Vinification: traditional harvest with destemming and maceration for 10-12 days at controlled temperature. Fermentation is carried out In stainless steel tanks 
Ageing: in barrels for 8-10 months; then preserved in bottle for 6 months at least 
Colour: ruby red with purple shades
Bouquet: pleasant fruit shades like blackberry, blueberry, cassis and plum. we catch the typical ageing structure, characterized by cocoa and wood sensations 
Taste: the first sip is soft and sweet, with a moderate and sour shade. We clearly perceive the bouquet, in particular red berries and plum. The tannin is velvety and elegant. At the end, the intense shade of cocoa and dark chocolate softens the sour perception 
Pairing: to be served with red and roasted meat, sauces, traditional first course recipes 
Serving temperature:   16 – 18° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

Let me unlock a memory: when you where children, did you feel that scent of cooked berries? When mum or grandma prepared the plum jam, or a buttery and soft tart was cooking in the oven…

That’s the point. The first sensation with NID is the immediate flashback to childhood, the afternoon snack in the countryside with the gramps, the scent of fruits underneath the arbour full of grapes or near the little plum trees next to the vineyards.

In the mouth it’s a juicy explosion, crackling, with a straight but gentle acidity, just like a woman!

Barbera is female, and just like a beautiful lady, the first sip is charming but close, full of character, rich in flavours, acid and tannic, round, and full of red berries sensations, jam, and cocoa in the end. How can you resist?


Technical Information

Environmental label

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