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Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC STIL

The dialect meaning is similar to the Italian. The literal translation is STYLE, recalling both "elegance" and "identity". 

In English, the sound recalls the word "steel", referring to the main ageing method and its genuine and direct features. 

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Carlo's Technical Sheet

Variety: Nebbiolo
Vinification: traditional harvest with destemming and maceration for 21 days at controlled temperature. 50% of the must is kept in stainless steel tanks during fermentation, the rest in barrels
Ageing: in barrels for 10-12 months; then preserved in bottle for 8 months at least 
Colour: intense ruby red with elegant maroon shades 
Bouquet: delicate balsamic hints are immediately perceived on the palate, along with intense fruity notes. While swirling the glass, we catch the typical ageing structure, characterized by violet and vanilla sensations 
Taste: the first sip is soft, warm and moderately crisp. We clearly perceive the bouquet, in particular red berries, vanilla and toasted wood. The elegant and silky tannin wraps the mouth and is pleasantly persistent 
Pairing: to be served with red meat courses. It is best matched with roasted dishes and venison 
Serving temperature :   16 – 18° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

If months had a personal flavour, October would be a glass of STIL.


Vineyards are ready to be harvested, all plants rich with ripe grapes, the days are still warm and sunny.

And during the evening, the temperature is lower and the first cold hints refresh the air.

At that time, a ruby red colour comes to give you warmth, to embrace you. It’s a velvety glow caressing your mouth, giving you the sensation to taste the Autumn with its spiced notes, its crackling scent of cassis and raspberry.


It seems to taste a fresh and ripe grape, still linked to Summer heat. Then, a surprisingly fresh balsamic hint opens up the final sensation.

Think about the blazing flames in the fireplace, an inviting dish of risotto and a glass of Nebbiolo d’Alba: happiness is ready!


Technical Information

Environmental label 

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