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We make wine using our own grapes only

Since the beginning, we only our own grapes to produce the complete range of wines. 

According with the business philosophy, all vineyards are located near the winery to avoid any kind of waste of time and resources. We take advantage of the proximity during the harvest, because grapes are kept fresh and intact without using the grapes transporter. 

In 2023 the winery owns 5 hectares, split among Nebbiolo, Barbera and Arneis varieties.


Each wine variety is located under the best sun exposure

We are now planting the new Arneis vineyard counting 1 hectar of surface. It will be productive in 4 years.

Nebbiolo vineyards face the sun following the South exposure, to grant the suitable grape ripening.

Barbera is located in the South-West plots, where the soil is more windy and dry.

Arneis rows are planted in the fresher part of the estate, to grant a more gentle sun exposure and less aggressive heat during Summer.

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