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Langhe DOC Rosato CIT

In Piedmont dialect the word CIT means "little" or "baby".

Guess what?! In English the same sound recalls the word "cheat", someone using tricks while playing.

Just like this wine: its colour and the rich bouquet confuse and charm you at once!

La scheda tecnica di Carlo.jpeg

Carlo's Technical Sheet

Variety: red grapes coming from our vineyards 
Colour: peach rose with orange shades
Bouquet: we immediately perceive a distinct mineral scent that recalls flint. While swirling the glass, the former aroma is replaced by elegant notes of red berries

Taste: the initial mouthfeel is pleasantly fresh and moderately acid. We can perceive floral and fruity notes along with a distinct mineral scent. Its great persistence in mouth and a touch of balanced crispness make it very drinkable. The alcoholic content is moderate

Pairing: to be served as a drink before dinner. It perfectly matches with fish, white meat and cheese, or even greasy dishes 
Serving temperature o:   8 – 12° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

When I drink CIT, I feel the music in the air. Not any kind of music, but that melody making you laugh, going to the seaside, biting the Summer vibes to discover which is its flavour!


When you look into the glass, into that peach rose shade, it seems you can catch the lights of a June sunset, when the darkness is still far and one sip leads to another!


Then you feel that sapid, fresh, fruity sensation. Your mouth asks for another sip…

And you know that nothing is better than a freezing cold bottle of Langhe Rosato CIT, a family pizza to take away, a bunch of beloved friends and a warm summer night to live.


Technical Information

Environmental label

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