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The winery was established
in the Sixties by my Grand-father

I inherited both his name and the business, and represent the third generation of winemakers. I've always loved this world and since I was a child I used to say "When I grow up, I'll make wine like dad". 

My connection with the surrounding land was born with me. When I was 3 or 4, I used to play in the garden or in the vineyards using a little hoe. In the cellar, I loved filling small glass tanks and pretended to sell them as if it was wine, exactly like dad and grand-dad.


This is a family-based business and we take care of the direct relation with our customers.

The technical cellar and the wine farm are the main engines of the business. It's a family-based business and the wine is made with our own grapes. 

During the past 15 years I've worked hard. I attended the Oenology High School; I graduated twice, in 2013 and in 2016, following the Oenology studies in Turin.
From 2013 to 2021 I worked as oenologist at an important Winery in the neighbourhood. 

Since the youth, I dedicated most of my spare time working at the winery with my family. I've always trusted in the potential of our land and aimed at ehnacing its potential. 

Carlo and Martina, the new family

2018 was the turning point. I met Martina and we decided together to renovate the business concept, giving new life to the wine production. We're mate both in life and at work. Two facets of the same medal. Each of us gives the own personal contribution to the wine selection, /RAIZ/.



Born in 1990, oenologist, I'm the sci-fi and rational soul of the couple.

I take care of any production aspect, from vineyards to the vinification, to the bottle.

I love my roots, deeply linked to the land I've always lived in.

I run my winery with accuracy, maximum respect for the environment and high attention to quality.


Class 1990, originally translator and interpreter, spacialised in International relations. My passion drove me to become AIS Sommelier. I'm a curve in a world made of squares: I muffle Carlo's rationality with a wind of lightness and creativity. I'm Carlo's mate in the business management and take care of the export, marketing matters, along with the hospitality and wine tastings services 

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