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In Piedmont dialect, the word FIL means not only "strand" but also a deep connection, a concrete and direct link,.

In English, the same sound recalls the verb "to feel": sensing, experiencing intense emotional or phisical sensations. 

La scheda tecnica di Carlo.jpeg

Carlo's Technical Sheet 

Variety: Nebbiolo
Vinification:  traditional harvest with destemming and maceration for 21 days at controlled temperature.
Ageing: in barrels for 12 months; then preserved in bottle for 6 months at least 
Colour: ruby red with intense maroon shades 
Bouquet: typical scents of wood refining; red fruits, balsamic notes, violet, liquorice, white pepper and vanilla
Taste: sweet and persistent; velvety tannin with blackberry and liquorice notes. A delicate caramel taste finally pervades the mouth
Pairing: red meat, grilled dishes, game
Serving temperature: 16 – 18° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

Do you know that sensation, when a scent or a flavour tell you something? That moment when your eyes are wide open because it’s so intense, surprising, but so right and unique.


Behind that garnet red shade, that transparency in the glass, you discover a world made up of sensations lightening. It seems you can deep dive into a basket full of black, ripe cherries, as big as coins, so juicy, so crackling. Then, you perceive a stronger feeling, more spiced, complex, with sweet and balsamic notes of licorice that drive straight to your chest. It seems like you can bite that sip; it’s enveloping like a silk scarf of tannins and a gentle and surprising after-taste.


When you taste FIL, you are simply charmed. It’s like looking a beautiful woman mirroring herself while applying a red lipstick. You’re fascinated and you guess which could be her flavour.


But dreams always have an end! After this emotional trip, you can now twist the knife into that Fiorentina steak in front of you, drinking a great glass of Roero DOCG FIL!


Technical Information

Environmental label 

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