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Roero Arneis DOCG BEL

BEL is a unique sound!

In Italian, it means "beautiful", "good-looking", whereas in English it's the phonetic transcription of "bell"!

It's perfect to recall the cristalline and sharp character of Roero Arneis! 

La scheda tecnica di Carlo.jpeg

Carlo's Technical Sheet

Variety: Arneis
Vinification: white vinification: pressing of fresh grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature 
Ageing: in stainless steel tanks, Bâtonnage sur lies for 3 – 4 months 
Colour: pale yellow with light green shades 
Bouquet: white flowers, (jasmine, acacia, lemon) and a delicate scent of fresh citrus, ananas and passion fruit 
Taste: the first taste is pleasantly sour, excellent as a cocktail before dinner, but also during the whole meal. During the tasting you can perceive the scent of citrus, exotic fruits, white flowers
Pairing: To be served as a drink before dinner. It perfectly matches with fish, white meat, vegetarian recipes
Serving temperature :   8 – 10° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

When I see BEL, I think about a bride. 

That intact, delicate beauty, that light and elegant shade of colour. A cristalline, dazzling light, a bright transparency. 

Flavourful as a broom field; rich and complex as a basket of aromatic herbs. In the end, it's elegant and sapid just like the sensation on the skin after a day spent at the seaside. 

It's persistent, so intense, an explosion of exotic fruits. A mix of colours and sensations floods your senses and it's time for another sip...


Technical Information

Environmental label

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