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Vino Rosso SAN
without sulphites

In Piedmont dialect the word SAN means "healthy", but also entire and good-looking if referred to food.

In English it recalls the sound of the word "sun", the main element to ripen the grapes.

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Carlo's Technical Sheet

Colour: ruby red with deep purple shades
Bouquet: we immediately perceive blackberries and coffee notes.  Then, more complex scents of red berries and plum jam come to the nose. In the end, vanilla and cloves sensation complete the bouquet

Taste: the first sip is round, enchanting, sweet.  
You can  perceive notes of strawberry and red currant. 
The tannin is silky and gently envelopes the mouth

Pairing: to be served with red and roasted meat, sauces, traditional first course recipes
Serving temperature:   16 – 18° C

Martina's Emotional Sheet

Two different worlds, two separate characters linked together, give the light to this masterwork of colour and scents.

Her side: half Barbera, so pulpy, colourful, juicy, with the right hint of acidity.

His side: half Nebbiolo, so elegant, tannic, just a little austere.

The perfect match, Her and Him so dazzling, so beautiful, so balanced. Their relation has never been violated but the creeping whisper of oxygen. 

Only time can manage this balance, only the right wait in the glass make you perceive the unique character of this wine. 


Technical Information

Environmental label

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